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If you have the Next module in your account, with this sub-module you will be able to control more precisely the data related to the events, as well as have a more complete report of the statistics of your Live signals.

The search criteria in this sub-module focuses only on Events and user attendance records using their ID.

User interface

1- Overview:

In this section the following information will be displayed:

  • Stream: Playback start validated as stream, after 5 seconds of continuous consumption.

  • Time: total minutes consumed by users.

  • Devices: is the count of different devices where the stream was consumed, referring to unique users.

  • Playback start: is the total count of consumption requests.

  • Assistance: refers to the number of emails registered in the event, it should be noted that not all of these registrations are guaranteed consumption.

2- Users:

This section displays the information concerning to the users who have registered and those who logged in during the event, in the interface you will only see the most basic information, platform allows you to download a csv file that shows the total list of users by adding the date, device, event and uniqueEmail boxes. This file can be downloaded by clicking on the download icon in the red box in the image. There are more additional fields within this csv file, which will be reflected according to the configuration made in the event in Next.

3- Behavior:

This section shows us the behavior per user after logging in to the event and consuming the streaming; the default boxes are:

  • Email: the email address registered by the user.

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Country: residence of the registered user.

  • Start Date: start time of stream consumption per user.

  • End Date: end time of stream consumption per user.

  • Minutes: Total minutes consumed by the user.

  • Live: name of live stream in platform.

  • Playback ID: different for each user.

As in the Users section, it is possible to download a csv file with more detailed information.

If you have any related questions please feel free to write to us via chat.

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