A schedule is the creation of an advance schedule of a time window with a start and end time for the signal to open or close depending on the case. The steps for creating a schedule are as follows:

1.- First of all we must go to the live signal that we will use (live module). Once there you must go to the Schedules section and click on the "+" sign :

2.- The second step is to assign a name to the particular event. Then complete the code field in case you need to save a special encoding for this schedule and finally choose a category if you require it:

3.- The third step is to complete the Recurrency field . For this you have two options to choose according to what you require:

- One Time: For the creation of a unique schedule.

- Recurrent: For the creation of a recurring schedule, which will be repeated at a certain time.

Regardless of the option you choose, you must complete the date and time fields when the schedule will begin and end:

In the case of the One Time option , only these fields are necessary. If, on the other hand, your option is Recurrent , you must additionally complete the Frequency field :

These fields are necessary to determine how long you want that schedule to remain in recurrence.

4.- Then it is the turn to complete the Options fields :

· Record Automatically: You must select it so that once the transmission is finished, the content is saved in Media as video.

· Featured: Used in OTTs so that the event is shown as featured on the page.

· Not Sellable: Used in OTT where if this is marked the content is not available for PPV sales

· Blackout: The content will not be available to users, it will disconnect those who are connected and will show a blocking notice. This type of block prevails over georestriction.

( To learn more about Blackout, we invite you to read our document "How to configure Blackout in a Schedule").

5.- The next step is to complete the Georestriction field in case you need to apply this type of restriction:

You can deny it for certain countries, allow it only for one or make it available for any place in the world.

6.- Finally, you also have the option of making use of your
Custom Attributes if you wish to add custom attributes to the generated media:

Once you finish, simply save the changes and you will have your schedule programmed.


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Atte. The Mediastream Team

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