The main function of the Live Editor module is to create VOD from a Live signal, in real time and with high precision. These VODs are created to be in the Media module and can be managed like any other uploaded video.

Module overview

When entering the module, the interface shows us all the live signals available for users ( Applies according to the account), it indicates if they are online (Green) / offline (Red), as this is a module linked to the live signals, whenever a new one is created, it will appear in this module immediately.

It should be noted that although the signal is displayed in the initial interface, it does not imply that we can edit it, we must have previously established retention time, this is verified with the account administrator, or by looking inside the signal itself, where we can visualize the time available.

After selecting our signal to make the cuts, we enter an editing screen that shows us several options:

  1. Player: shows us the live signal, it is synchronized with the original live signal and is loaded according to the segment reception, the difference between both is less than 10 seconds.

  2. Timeline: shows us the timeline we have and the control buttons to edit the material.

  3. Media Clips: each time a cut is made, it will be displayed in this section.

The edition is mainly composed by a series of buttons and a timeline shown in this image, which will be explained later:

Additionally, we have a series of shortcuts or quick access keys to the different functions of the module, these can be displayed in the view all button highlighted in the image.

There are currently two ways to edit our content in the module, Live and Date Picker.

With the Live option you can cut parts of what is being broadcasted with a certain time interval (seconds, minutes, hours, days) according to what is available in the retention previously mentioned; with the Date Picker option, you can search for a specific time interval and make the cuts according to your needs.


  • If the live signal stops receiving content, the segments will not be loaded and the time lapse of the cut will be lost from the timeline.

  • When a cut is made on a signal with cloud transcoding active, the cut is generated on all resolutions and the created media is not transcoded.

Edition process

On the timeline, we can see two lines when entering, these lines indicate the behavior of the signal at that moment, the green line shows the time of our live and the red line is the load of segments in the renditions.

We have a series of buttons to make the cuts, in order from left to right these buttons are:

  • Zoom In/Zoom Out: It allows us to zoom in or out on the timeline to better visualize the specific time to select, you can also use the mouse wheel for this function.

  • Play First 5sec: it plays the first 5 seconds of the clip already cut (only triggered when the clip is selected)

  • Move selection left: it moves the selector line to the left on the timeline (approximately 12 milliseconds per click)

  • Play: plays the timeline.

  • Move selection right: it moves the selector line to the right on the timeline (approximately 12 milliseconds per click)

  • Play last 5sec: plays the last 5 seconds of the edited clip (only triggered when clip is selected)

  • Cut New Clip: as its name indicates, cuts the edited clip.

  • Cut input selection / Cut output selection: mark the in and out of the clip to be cut

  • Volume: with 3 clips on this button, we can mute, leave the volume on low or leave the maximum volume of the signal.

To proceed to make the cut, with the cursor on the timeline, click on the place you want to take as the start of the cut [Left mouse button or with shortcut (I)].

Then we perform the same procedure to select the end of the clipping [Left mouse button or with shortcut (O)], when doing so, our complete selection and the time corresponding to the clipping will be shown in the timeline.

We must press Cut New Clip (C) to generate the clip, it is immediately shown in the Media Clips section.

All the cuts made by the user on the timeline will generate a single VOD, which will be shared when it is created in the media module. You can play each of the cuts to see if it was generated according to your criteria. After this step, you can make 9 cuts in total before creating a new media, with a maximum time of 6 hours per clip generated from live editor.

Here you can see all the clips that have been generated and the total length of the media that will be generated.

In addition to the main media generated by all the clips, each of the clips created can be selected and these are rendered separately, each cut generated indicates its duration.

Once everything is specified according to your criteria, the only thing left to do is to finish the process by pressing the Create Media button; by doing so, a Media Info box will be displayed, in which you can edit the main characteristics of the VOD, such as its Title, Description, assign it to a Category, Tags, even if our media belongs to a serialized Show, we can fill in the corresponding fields as long as they are previously created in the respective module, we can also change the status of the media in platform to published or unpublished.

After finishing the process, the respective thumbs are generated, the platform will choose one automatically and randomly, you can visualize them just by moving the arrows, we can load an additional thumb if we press the blue button highlighted in the image.

Finally, when you save the media, you can continue cutting even if the previous media have not been finished processing, just press the Back button at the bottom of the screen.

You can make the timeline move faster to find your cut, simply select the speed of your choice on the Move Speed button below the timeline (only works for fast-forwarding).

Date Picker

In case you need to make cuts that go beyond 6 hours or make a cut at a specific time, you can move as much as your account retention allows, this can be done through the Date Picker option, which is located under the timeline,

To take advantage of this functionality, you only have to click on the calendar icon, select the date and assign the specific time to make the cut, when you have them ready, press enter and immediately press the Go option, the selector will place you on the timeline at the indicated moment and time, you just repeat the editing process mentioned above.

Other Live Editor options

Live editor allows you to share your content directly to social networks, previously integrated into the account in the Settings/Integrations module.

You can review how to do it and the conditions to publish in each social network from the cut itself in the following links:

Important Notice

  • The account zone and the publishing point must be the same, otherwise, the cuts made from live editor will not be generated giving an error, for example: if the account is located in the CL zone, the publishing point must also be in CL, if the publishing point is located in US, the corresponding segments will not be uploaded in the live editor timeline.

Account zone

Publishing point

  • If the account uses VMS streaming services in its live signals (Live Cloud Transcoding), the account's zone must Always be US

  • Accounts with live audio publications must always be located in the US zone.

  • Cuts made from LiveEditorAudio are not transcoded and are reflected in platform with the aac/m4a format.

If you have any related questions please do not hesitate to write us through the chat.

Atte. Mediastream team

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