Mediastream platform allows you to manage your playlists directly from the media module to which they are linked, so you can sort certain content much more precisely.

The section is located in the left part of the module interface.

Creating a playlist

To create a new playlist, you must access it by clicking on the + in the above-mentioned section, the following interface will immediately appear

It is divided as follows:

Basic Information:

Name: the name of your playlist

ID: it is generated immediately after saving the changes when creating the playlist and is used to identify it on platform.

Description: a brief description of the playlist.

Slug: like the ID, it is created automatically when saving the changes, as long as it is not assigned manually during the configuration; the slug is used in a url to access directly to your playlist, for example:

Featured: if it's assigned, the playlist will be flagged as featured.

Image: you can assign an unique image to your playlist, it will be displayed in the same way as assigning an image to the category and will give direct access to its content.

Advanced Settings:

Access restrictions: you can adjust the access restrictions to your playlist according to the ones you have by default in the platform account, or you can configure them conforming to your preferences.

Embed options: it allows you to generate additional options when you embed your playlist on websites:

  • Ads: you can deactivate the ads previously configured in the playlist media.

  • Custom HTML: allows you to create custom HTML attributes.

  • Users: in this section you will find an url with the information to insert the playlist, to share it you must assign users by email and platform generates an automatic password to access the playlist.

When you click on the link, you will only see the window with the embedding information, where the iframe corresponding to each media in the playlist is displayed, it can be configured according to your needs.

The external user will only have access to this iframe, will not be able to alter the list media, any change made will not affect the original content or its functions, and the user will not have access to other modules of the account.


In this section of the function you can add all the media you want to your playlist, to do so there are 4 types of lists:

  • Manual: you can add the content through its ID or by typing part of its title, when doing so, platform will show the related media, just by clicking on it, it will be automatically added to the list, save the changes at the end.

Additionally, from this type you can modify the order in which you want the media to be displayed in the playlist, just click on the + to the right of each media and indicate the required order number; you can also delete the media you do not want in your playlist.

  • Smart: As its name indicates, it allows you to create a playlist in an smart way, to generate it you only have to fill in the fields (not all of them are mandatory) that are displayed when selecting this type of playlist, after adjusting them, save the changes.

The smart playlist type will not be reflected inside this one, to verify it there are 2 ways:

1. You must generate the corresponding user in embed options and enter with the generated password.

2. Via API through a GET request:


X-API-TOKEN: {Account Read&Write Token}



"status": "OK",

This type of smart playlist can also be generated directly from the smart search engine of the media module (1), just add the necessary data (2), perform the search and when it is displayed, save the playlist (3), immediately, you will see your saved playlist in the playlists section (4).

  • Series: this type of listing allows you to sort the media linked to an original show from your VOD content, (it is not linked to the platform show module), you can add several seasons of the same content separately.

    Listings creation:

    • Indicate the number of the season and give a description of it, then, apply changes in Add season, this will display in the lower part the number of seasons you may require.

    • By clicking on the season (#1/#2) you can add the amount of media you want, listing the corresponding episode and adding the media by its ID or name (1) you can also modify the order of the media in the playlist (2). When finished, save the changes.

  • Playout: this type of playlist is used to automatically generate a playlist that will be displayed later in the Playout module of the account, to create a playlist of this type you must do the following:

    • You go to the Add rule button that appears when selecting the type, then filter by category and / or Tag, you can also adjust to sort according to the metadata of the media, adjust its ascending or descending order and limit the results of the videos according to the amount you require in your playlist, save the changes to be applied.

    After saving, you will see the total duration of the playout.

    • To view the playlist, just go to the playout module and load it by Add New Content/Playlist.

    You will immediately see the selected clips.

To consider:

  • You must have the necessary permissions on the media module and categories to manage playlists.

  • The media you add to the Playout type playlist, must have at least one rendition in common, otherwise when loading in the respective module, you will not be able to save it.

  • This playlist option only allows you to create lists of VOD content, if you try to load audio media, platform displays an alert.

If you have any related questions please do not hesitate to write us through the chat.

Atte. The Mediastream Team

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