Platform gives you the option to upload one or more subtitle files to your VOD content, only .srt, .vtt and .ass files are supported..

Loading them is very simple:

1- Go to the media on which you want to add the subtitles, once inside the media, go to the Subtitles section.

2- Click Upload Subtitle, this opens a pop-up in which you have to fill in the Language and Name fields [required] for the subtitle that will be displayed in the player to final users.

After filling in the fields mentioned above, upload the subtitle from the PC and click Upload (green button)..

3. Once the subtitles are loaded, within the same section you will see the list indicating the corresponding name, you can assign several languages according to your criteria and medias disposition.

4- If you want to change the loaded file, just click on the pencil icon located to the right of the subtitle, the same pop-up opens, with the difference that you will see the Delete button in red, to delete the subs definitively, in gray the Advanced Edit button, where you can edit the subtitles (timing, texts), if your file is in . ass format, you will be able to change the styles to your preference, to do it check the following document:, additionally when displaying the advanced edition, a time searcher appears, when finalizing the adjustments you press Update.

When you have finished all the settings, save the media to ensure that the changes were made.

On the iFrame and the media embed, the assigned subtitles can be seen, the timeline player provides an additional button (cc) that must be activated and then select the desired subtitle.

The subtitles will be displayed by default into the player in white on a black watermark background and the cc icon will be in green indicating that it is active.

To consider

  • Some contents when translated without permission, even if it is in a different format than the original work, violate copyright, therefore, you must have permissions if required.

  • Do not try to upload subtitle files in any format other than .vtt, .ass or .srt, if you have them, there are websites that allow you to convert them into the required format.

  • You must validate the subtitle file encoding, usually these come in UTF-8 but sometimes, they can be in ANSI and this generates compatibility problems causing some special characters such as accents to be displayed differently.

    Viewing Subs with ANSI encoding

    Viewing subs with UTF-8 encoding

  • Upload subs is NOT related to the speech to text system available on platform.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us through the chat.

Atte: Mediastream team

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